Illkirch-Grafenstaden et sa région

Alsatian recipes: Gastronomy from Strasbourg (Alsace)

All these recipes are extracted from the Alsatian gourmet Agenda --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Lobster and Veal Headcheese with Caviar

Packets of Sea Cabbage Packets of Brill with Sauerkraut

Lasagna with Crayfish Tails, Chanterelle Mushrooms, and Green Asparagus Tips

Glazed Pearl Onions and Raw Goose Liver with Sea Salt and Chives

Scrambled Farm Eggs with Truffles and a C�pe Mushroom

Savarin Langoustine Ravioli

Lentil Bouillion and Sea Scallops with Bacon

Green Asparagus Tart with Foie Gras

Escalope of Panfried Duck Liver with a Caramel of Muscat Wine

Gourmet Terrine of Lobster with Foie Gras and Herbs

Gingerbread Duck Foie Gras Squares with Beans Confit of Goose

Liver Escalope of Goose Liver "à la Belle Strasbourgeoise" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fish and Seafood

Perch Quenelles with Crayfish

Fillet of "Rouget Barbet" Fish Wrapped in Marrow, Cumin and Fried Thyme Sole with Tokay Wine

Assorted Raw Fish Marinated in Herbs Pike Fillet with Riesling

Wine Served with Alsatian Noodles

Lobster and Green Beans with Vermicelli and Pink

Peppercorns Roasted Bream Fish Stuffed with Crunchy Fennel, Served with Aniseed Veal Juice --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Meat and Poultry

Venison Medaillons "Fleckenstein" Veal Hock with Beer Fillet of Alsatian Venison with Cinnamon Thick Milkfed Veal Chop Dressed in Sea Salt and Garlic Served with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Gray Shallots Stuffed Quail "Wantzenau" Baby Chicken with Cider Vinegar Chicken and Crayfish with Whipping Cream, Served with a Barley Rissotto --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Warm Streusel with a Confit of Cherry Plums

Individual Warm Rhubarb Strudels with a Rhubarb Sorbet

Frozen Kirsch Teardrops


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